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Tenuta Iuzzolini "Muranera" 2019 Rosso Calabria IGT Tenuta Iuzzolini Red Wines 13,49 €
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Estate Iuzzolini "Muranera" 2019 Red Calabria IGT
The Muranera of the Tenuta Iuzzolini is a purple red wine with obvious violaceous reflections.
It comes with an intense perfume, with fruity, sweet and ripe trails, balsamic notes and violet floral notes on mild tobacco accent.
Its flavor is hot and velvety. A wine that shows great structure to taste and remarkable personality. Alcohol merges in the soft tannin in a convincing balance
Alcoholic Grado : 14.5% in vol.
Annata 2019
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Tenuta Iuzzolini Donna Giovanna Calabria IGT - 2020 Tenuta Iuzzolini White Wines 14,99 €
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Estate Iuzzolini Donna Giovanna Calabria IGT-2020
The woman Giovanna is a white wine obtained from white Greek grape vindemme grapes.
She presents Color-yellow clowns with tenuous reflex reflections. Perfume-delicate, floral, with slight notes of dry apricot. Taste-wide, of good body, pleasantly fruity with a lingering finale of citrus fruits and passion fruit.

Annata 2020
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Tenuta Iuzzolini - Primafila IGT 2020 - Tenuta Iuzzolini Tenuta Iuzzolini White Wines 9,50 €
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Estate Iuzzolini-PrimaRow IGT 2020-Tenuta IuzzoliniIuzzolini The PrimaRow wine of the Tenuta Iuzzolini is a white wine obtained from grapes of Chardonnay and Pecorello, a native grape grape of Calabria
Type : Bianco.
Classification : Typical Geographical Indication Calabria.
Vitigno : Chardonnay and Pecorello.
Alcoholic Weight : 13% in vol.
gastronomic Abbination : Exhibit with first fish dishes, shellfish and seafood, excellent as an aperitif
Service Temperature : 8-10 ° C
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