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Tenuta Iuzzolini Donna Giovanna Calabria IGT - 2020 Tenuta Iuzzolini White Wines 14,99 €
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Estate Iuzzolini Donna Giovanna Calabria IGT-2020
The woman Giovanna is a white wine obtained from white Greek grape vindemme grapes.
She presents Color-yellow clowns with tenuous reflex reflections. Perfume-delicate, floral, with slight notes of dry apricot. Taste-wide, of good body, pleasantly fruity with a lingering finale of citrus fruits and passion fruit.

Annata 2020
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Johe 2020 - Tenuta Viglione - Vino rosso IGP Puglia Rosso Tenuta Viglione Red Wines 8,50 €
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Johe 2020-Estate Vigil-Red Wine IGP Puglia Rosso

Color red ruby intense, with violaceous reflexes. Clean, good-intensity, fully developed and harmonic ; feel of ripe red fruits, such as cherry and plunge, pleasant and delicate citrus fruits (orange flowers).

Annata 2020
Primitive Grapes 50%, Aleath 50%
Gradation 13.2%
Maturation In steel
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Vecchio Amaro Abruzzese 1 Lt Contento Liquori Amari and Digestives 14,99 €
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Old Amaro Abruzzese (1L, 40.0% Vol.)
The Amaro of Old Abruzzese is a liquor whose recipe has been handed down from ancient recipes of the True Bitter Italian, Abruzzese.
This amaro is derived exclusively from the infusion of selected and prized herbs and other amaricating vegetable substances, collected mainly in the Abruzzo mountains.
Ingredients : water, sugar, alcohol, herbal infused, natural flavours
Adds and recipes : To drink in small glasses, store in the fridge
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Shah Mat Bianco spumante extra dry Maschio dei Cavalieri CANTINE RIUNITE E CIV Charmat 4,50 €
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Shah Mat White sparkling extra dry Maschio of the Knights
Provenance : Selected vineyards from the most vocate viticultural areas you sell
Vitigno : Uve a white berry
Notes degustative
Color : bright yellow, fine and persistent perlage
Profumo : floral with acacia flowers, pineapple
Sapore : full and dry with pleasant and persistent aromatic taste
Alcool : 11.5% vol
Sugars : 14 g/l
The white Shah Mat The Shah Mat white, great for every occasion, is ideal with first dishes based on vegetables, creams, velvety, velvety sformats and fish dishes.
Service Temperature : 6-8 °C
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