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Amaro Guelfo (70CL, 30% Vol.) AMARO GUELFO Amari and Digestives 18,50 €
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The amaro guelph is a bitter Italian neturale from the flavorful, rugged taste
and extol the herbaceous and woody notes.
A story that is born out of grandfather Guelfo, already an expert in the beverage sector, bresciano DOC,
lover of plants and flowers, great cultor of the Made in Italy.
Guelf did not know how to resist a batch of mouths, curated the vegetable with a certosine passion, was in the
degree to put each bike back and had an impeccable calligraphy.
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Amaro Guelfo 18 (70CL, 30% Vol.) AMARO GUELFO Amari and Digestives 21,00 €
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Amaro Guelfo 18 (70CL, 30% Vol.)
The Amaro born out of pregit Brandy
aged 18 years in oak barrels.
A new experience to taste slowly
saves all the sophisticated facets.
Amaro Guelf 18 is the result of a long and
wise process that has its essence in the aged 18-year-old Brandy, which gives it
an intense flavor.
The result is a powerful, fragrant and
persistent in only 1,500 numbered bottles.
A unique taste experience in its genre, which
wraps in everything round and leaves the mark.
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